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The MVD Ghostchasers are one of the original three paranormal teams in Arizona still in operation under the same director since 1994.  The team is based out of Mesa, Arizona and a second investigation team, added in 2007, is based in Bisbee, Arizona. 

In the groups early days, the majority of the members were either employees, or past employees of the State of Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).  In recent years, the group has expanded its membership to include valued investigators in all walks of life.  Ghost hunting has become a second skin to all of them.  Paranormal investigations are approached professionally and performed with integrity.

The team members are experts in spirit photography, EVP, and experienced in the latest studies and technical skills necessary in the paranormal field today.

Through continued research and education, the MVD Ghostchasers have earned the trust and respect from their clients and other paranormal investigators.  They follow strict paranormal protocol guidelines that has made them one of the most credible and valued teams in Arizona and the United States.  Several members of the team are historians, authors, lecturers, and have appeared on various reputable paranormal network programs.  The leader and founder of the crew, Debe Branning, has organized investigations throughout Arizona and arranged haunted road trips around the country.  The team offers paranormal workshops for interested experienced paranormal investigators, as well as beginning ghost hunters.  This keeps the team busy the year around.  They have been the subjects of several newspaper articles that chronical their ghostly activities and featured in magazines such as Arizona Highway Magazine and AAA’s Highroad Magazine.  MVD Ghostchasers have appeared on internet radio programs as well as several local TV newscasts about Arizona hauntings.  They have become a favorite each year at Phoenix Comicon and have appeared on’s “Streets of Fear”, and Travel Channel’s “Ghost Stories”, “Ghost Adventures” and “Deadly Possessions”.  The team works as partners with several paranormal investigative teams in Arizona and other parts of the United States.   


Phoenix Area Team



SHIELDA MC CURDY---Paranormal Investigator

KENTON MOORE---Paranormal Investigator

MARK CHRISTOPH---Paranormal Investigator/Tech

CINDY LEE---Paranormal Investigator

SUSIE DWYER---Paranormal Investigator


NIKKI WHEELER---Paranormal Investigator

SHERRI MINTER---Paranormal Investigator

LISA MUSTACA ---Paranormal Investigator 

DIANE SOVA---Paranormal Investigator

PEGGY EBERT---Paranormal Investigator 

GARY TONE---Paranormal Investigator 

STU SOBRANE---Paranormal Investigator 


LIZ BROWN---Paranormal Investigator 

STEPH GEERTS---Paranormal Investigator 

NANCY HEATH---Paranormal Investigator 

MADDIE KINDER---Paranormal Investigator 

DENISE JORDAN---Paranormal Investigator 

BETH LISTER---Paranormal Investigator 

CHRIS MC CURDY---Paranormal Investigator 

JO CASON---Paranormal Investigator 

MOLLIE BIVENS---Paranormal Investigator

Bisbee Area Team



KENTON MOORE---Paranormal Investigator

MARK CHRISTOPH---Paranormal Investigator/Tech


 FRAN POWERS---Paranormal Investigator

Associate Members








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