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MVD Ghostchasers visits the "Big Easy"

Debe Branning Director of the MVD Ghostchasers recently visited the haunted city of New Orleans during the week of  Halloween . Debe, along with several other ghost hunters from across the country, were able to perform several initial investigations in various French Quarter locations. They were also fortunate to be able to enter Lafayette Cemetery after dark and capture several spirits on film! Debe and the ghost hunters were the guests of Kriss Stephens, the paranormal consultant on MTV's Fear! 

Here Are Some Of The Pictures That Debe Took During Her Trip
This was from an initial investigation done at the Jimani Club. Back in the early 1970's 32 men died in a fire on the second floor. Someone had thrown a fire bomb up the inside back staircase---trapping them. There were bars on the windows so there was no escape. Found many orbs and floating orbs on camcorders. After being inside we could feel smell smoke--smell burning flesh and lots of un rested souls.
Orbs in Jimani Club above Rudy ---a tour guide and full of magic!
Orbs over old convent where screams were heard into the night!
One of those tombs that keep calling ya back! Got lots of orbs around this angel.
Lafayette Cemetery
Small orb in the Bourbon Orleans Hotel.
This was a very haunted cemetery. Kriss and I were the only ones in there after dark which was very rare since they usually lock the gates at 3PM!! We did have her boyfriend Jeff standing guard at the gate so they wouldn't lock us in!
This is a bar called the Morgue because it was once an old morgue!! A sister of one of the previous owner hung herself in the bath room. This is from the lounge area of the bar. This was also an initial investigation Kriss and I did. We found no activity in the bathroom and moderate activity in the bar area.
Offerings for voodoo queen--Marie Laveau in St. Louis Cemetery #1
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